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FAQ: Details about scheduling a session

Let me answer a few of the most common questions clients have about my services and what to expect from your session.

Prepping for a Session

It may seem a bit overwhelming, but making sure your home is properly prepped for photography/videography services not only helps to capture the most inviting and professional images, but also helps you to get those easy-to-forget items moved to an unseen space so those soon-to-be potential buyers see your home at it's best!


Made a big effort to declutter your home. Remember, potential buyers are going to be looking in cabinets and closets so it's best to move any items to the garage or a storage shed. If the home appears crowded with items, it will feel to small to visitors.

Pack what you can

Going ahead and packing nonessentials will help your home feel like it's ready for it's new family. Personal items such as family portraits or items branded with your family name should also be packed before buyers come to look around. It will feel less like someone else's potential home if they see another family all over the walls.

Deep Clean

Clean your home. Then clean it again. This means wall washing, baseboards, dusting those ceiling corners for cobwebs and mopping those floors until they shine! Some minor things can be addressed while editing your photos but the less smudge and crumb removing I have to do - the quicker you get your photos!

Prep Checklist

I have two checklists for getting your home picture ready - one for those that want the thorough version and those that like it quick and easy. Completing one of these DRASTICALLY affects the outcome of your photos!

*It's important to also mention that if any soap bars, razors, loofahs, toothbrushes or personal hygiene items are left out in the showers or on the counters I will not be moving them for health and safety reasons.

The Day of the Session

Here is what to expect on the day of the session:

Plan to be away

During your session I ask that everyone vacates the property. You may initially think this is odd but I have attempted to do several sessions with people present and there are several reasons why I chose to make this request.

  • Firstly, there is a drastic increase in the amount of edits I have to make (removing people from images, cups left behind from kids or turning lights back on that were switched off) when other people are present.

  • Secondly, with additional distractions comes an increased risk for mistakes. As much as I wish I was immune to human error, I have not quite cracked the code on perfectionism! By not having people around that I feel obligated to chit chat with (because I LOVE getting to know people - so I WILL talk) or asking someone to relocate to another room every 5 minutes saves me time and significantly reduces the risk of errors.

  • Lastly, the home selling process can be stressful. Take this opportunity to get out of the home, have a nice meal somewhere and take a breather - before the real work begins!

* As a licensed Realtor with Leading Edge Real Estate, and a local, small business owner, I believe that I am held to a higher standard than everyone else. I vow to treat my client's homes with care and respect - as I would my own. I am honored with the privilege of making your house feel like home.

Plan for your pets

While cats are perfectly fine to leave in their own kingdoms - I mean domains (as if we could ever convince them to do otherwise HA!), crating your dog or putting them in the backyard is recommended. Best case scenario if they are out is I have to edit them out of some photos. Worst case is they bump expensive equipment that can't always be replaced quickly (or cheaply).

Turnaround Time

IN MOST CASES images can be edited and uploaded to your personal online gallery within 36-48 hours. There are several factors that determine the length of time it takes - amount of available natural light, color of the walls, floors and ceilings, etc. I do my absolute best to provide a quick turnaround knowing that agents are typically waiting on photos to make listings live on the MLS. Additional services (such as 3D Tour or Video Walkthroughs) typically take an additional 24-36 hours but are prioritized second so that images can be completed first.

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